• Angry Johnny

    Angry Johnny

    Ogre Gargantuan, resident bruiser and nervous teen
  • Calvin Johnson

    Calvin Johnson

    Resident of Springfield, Fisherman and American Gladiators Enthusiast?
  • Dominik Fireborne

    Dominik Fireborne

    Draconic Fairest, fallen prince.
  • Greygore


    Greygore is a simple man whose dedication to family and friends is matched only by his eternal hunger
  • Hamilton Lagrange

    Hamilton Lagrange

    A hotshot nuclear physics researcher in the 50s, his time spent in the hedge began to unhinge him.
  • Medieval Maurice

    Medieval Maurice

    A Darkling Antiquarian, professor of history at Springfield State
  • Rolfson Halfmoon

    Rolfson Halfmoon

    Werewolf guard living in the shadow of Mount Sainigh
  • Samson Runs with Dingos

    Samson Runs with Dingos

    Leader of Urathra Pack in the Shadow of Mount Sainigh
  • Selena


    Liaison for the Springfield Treehous
  • Xyleen


    The Wolf, Pig, Spider Thing Living in the Motley's Basement, Mother of 4.