The Springfrield Treehouse

Haunted Boxes and Present Friends Past

The Motley having arrived in Vancouver to find the Freehold mysteriously desolate awaits new orders from Deezle. In the meantime Dominic tries to find his friend Needle, who lives locally and is a member of the freehold. They find Needle’s girlfriend. She hasn’t seen him for a few weeks and is pissed off that he hasn’t contacted her. Eventually Deezle directs them to continue on with the mysterious box to the H.R.Macmillan Space Center to deliver the package to a group of changelings. The motley succeeds in this task, but along the way some mysterious humanoids trail them through the hedge. Using Darkness contracts they are able to avoid them.

The delivery is made successfully. While exploring the space center they find a photo of Tenebrous’ friend Calvin Johnson dated back to the 70s. He appears the same as he does today. Suspicious Yukii Morris called Deezle to let him know about the unusual find.

The Exterminators
Session 8

Greygore and company track the Beshilu back to the farmhouse where they had found the little girl home alone previously. The farmer is in the field but as the group approaches him Greygore rushes past to the barn. The farmer calls him back but Greygore curtly dimisses him. The farmer runs back to the house while Yukii tries to plead with him. He emerges moments later with a shotgun and goes into the barn to confront Greygore and Attia. Attia quickly backs out of the barn but as the farmer gets in his face Greygore tries to back him down. Finally Greygore leaves not making any ground.
The group goes back to the van to recuperate a little bit. Greygore heads to the bar as Hamilton and Attia go to talk to the sheriff to gain permission to enter the farmer’s barn. While in the bar Greygore is refused service and storms out threatening to burn the bar. Meanwhile the sheriff’s office gets a call regarding the trespassing and the bar assault. He informs the motley that they are no longer welcome and there is a warrant for Greygore.
The others go to find Greygore munching on the local foliage and waiting for the next rat spirit thing to come along. They formulate a plan to at least investigate the farmhouse. Yukii discovers the farmer waiting with a view of the barn. She recruits Greygore and Hamilton to make a distraction and draw him out while Attia remains at the stakeout “waiting in case they come back.
Greygore ambushes the farmer as he comes out. A fight ensues, the farmers family reveal themselves to be Beshilu. Yukii, barricades the basement door keeping the other Beshilu from getting out. Eventually after a hard fight, and Yukii narrowly missing Greygore with the farmer’s shotgun, they subdue the family, run the gas in the house and explode it with Hamilton’s Molotov cocktail.
Wanting to finish the job they go to take out the barn, but one more ratman grabs and bites Hamilton as he attempts to light the loft on fire. He feels his stamina leave him and is left helpless on the ground. A last desperate fight occurs as the haggard Greygore locks with the Beshilu bruiser. He emerges victorious and picks Hamilton up and leaves as Yukii sends the barn up in flame.
The group goes back to the stakeout to collect Attia who had a run in with some Beshilu friendly bears. The group blows the clambake and reports back to Runs with Dingoes. Having finally sealed a pact between the Werewolves and the Changelings for access to the trod the group heads home to tend their wounds.

Success, and failure
Session 5

Our heroes return to Springfield and their delightful wreck of a home. After reporting in to Cynthia about the goings on with the werewolves, they retire to their abode. Soon Greygore is fixing up the roof while the others gather supplies and create a floorplan for the house. Atiya and Greygore, followed by Yukki go to the server building for the local internet company. Unfortunately, they’re far too feeble to get themselves inside. However, Yukki and Greygore do manage to find the residence of one of the receptionists the next day. Yukki rediscovers her powers of stealth and breaks into the house, stealing enough credentials to get both of them into the Bombastic server headquarters. Once inside, they are both at a loss; planning is not their strong suit. Ineptly breaking the computers and cutting the power to the building, they manage to escape seemingly unnoticed. Meanwhile back at the ranch, an intruder is discovered living in a tunnel beneath the house. Tenebrous, Hamilton and Atiya find some strange creatures living in a wondrous cave connected to the tunnel in basement. It is decided by a slim majority that the group will support these creatures, and Greygore grudgingly agrees not to eat them for now.

Where some persons are approached and some actually respond.
Session 4

Our somewhat eclectic and frenetic motley continue to try to sort out the situation in further west than anyone thought possible MassaCHEWsetts. Realizing that their mission will take longer than the anticipated less than a day Tenebrous, Hamilton and Greygore head back to Springfield for a quick supply and equipment run. In the meantime Atia and Yuki seek out Angry Johnny to ensure his well being. They head up the road and investigate the first barn they come to. Luckily this is the same barn that Johnny decided to spend the night at. Luckily Johnny was none the worse for wear. Unluckily he wasn’t expecting them and they failed to announce themselves. Luckily Atia squealed before Johnny popped her trachea with his massive ham fists. Unluckily the farmer also heard said squeal. Luckily he let them off if they immediately left the premises and never came back. Luckily, in Delaware, the head of the guard, who had just fallen asleep, landed next to the missile launch button and not on it.
Needless to say when the others came back they found the trio a bit agitated; however unsurprisingly nobody talked about what went on. Deciding that the direct approach seemed to get them into less trouble, the motley splits into two groups to stake out farms that hadn’t been hit by the purported animal attacks. They approach the residents for permission to monitor their properties to which the residents responded ‘Of course I would like some changeling guards on my property’ or ‘Sure’ depending on who was listening. Despite some eerie and suspiciously timed mist the evening passed at both stake-outs uneventfully.
At this point Atia was hit with some inspiration. If one is on a mission to parlay with werewolves, perhaps one should go hiking in the woods. The group traveled even further west (are we back in the hedge? Or is this New York?) Looking for likely hidey holes they begin to hike back towards Marville. Plank… plank… plink wirrr. What plank is eweeee that chrip sound? They find an odd hermit of East Asian decent sitting upon a rock at the top of the nearest peak. They fork over whatever pocket change they have and set to the task of locating the hidden valley. Seeing two likely locations they head out and Yuki discovers that they are discovered. After some talking in circles the group determines that Rolfson Half-Moon is in fact a werewolf and he determines that his elders probably want to become acquainted with them. He leads them to a cabin in the woods where a few odd characters are residing. Clearly they must be werewolves. One of them is the elder who hears their rather paltry offer of good relations. He says he will think on their offer and decides to meet again in a week, which the motley seems generally pleased about.

Out of the cooking pot and into the woods.
Session 3

The fledgling motley has recieved a diplomatic mission from the summer regent Cynthia Sunblast. They are to approach a group of werewolves that are established near the township of Marville (who would've thought they really do exist?) and establish a working relationship with them in order to gain access to an area that they consider sacred which also happens to contain a trod.

 As they go out and try to get a feel for the area the motley discovers that there have been a series of attacks around the local farmland attributed to wolves. Deputy Simon seems a little suspicious at first but is open to help dealing with the attacks. He gives them information about the local happenings and adresses of the attacks. The local farmers are largely open to the outsiders and seem to accept there somewhat thin pretense of wolfhunters/investigators.

[[Angry_Johnny, Kristen's character and another? discovered a pair of purported wolf hunters by the name of Mark and Marta Jones as they had dinner at the local bar.. Suspecting they know something Angry Johnny Cleric grills the about everything they know. Impressed with his strength of character and sturdy size they spill the beans, and even advise that they get some silver if they want an easier fight.

Some discussion occurs about whether to take care of the wolf hunters as a sign of good faith. In the meantime [[Angry_Johnny discovers a supernatural patron at the bar. After chatting for awhile the man named Joe takes his leave of the bar. [[Angry_Johnny follows and after a brief verbal confrontation after being caught following the man named Bob, he finally concedes and leaves Bob to travel off on his own.

Day 1 outside the Hedge (You think!)
Session 1

A battered group of not quite humans wanders out of time and space and into a non-descript but extremely hot desert. There had been more of them; there were memories of skirmishes and harsh environments. The faces and places gradually fade as the years roll on.

It seemed like they had been in the desert for days with nothing to mark the passing but more dunes when suddenly before them an oasis and a rock outcropping appeared.There was some indecision about which way to go but as the group approached the oasis there was a manor with someone living in it. The group thought better of approaching at daylight and headed for the outcropping until nightfall. As they gradually entered they found themselves in a forest. An abundance of water, fresh trees to eat and the occasional fish occupied the group’s time for most of the evening.

During one of the watches Greygore heard what may have been animal but after investigating they were unable to find anything out of the ordinary.

In the morning the group finds themselves at a familiar (or unfamiliar) feature. A road. With american highway signage. Not wanting to believe what they see but unable to resist the possibility the group travels down the road to see what this land would offer. Eventually they come to what appears to be a derelict windmill. Inside they find a sleeping stag/human woman named Selena. She brings them up to speed on what’s going on – the escape from the hedge, the world as it is, what it means to be a Changeling. All of this is elaborated on at a tavern called Jimmy’s.

With the newly emerged Changelings still reeling from their journey and reorientation, Selena gives them the task of heading towards the city – just outside of Springfield, Massachusetts – to find items of personal value that could be given up for the right price…


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