The Wolf, Pig, Spider Thing Living in the Motley's Basement, Mother of 4.


Over in the back corner of the garage there was quite the erosion, and in that dark gap 4 golden mirrors fixed in the darkness. Suddenly they’re gone. If you were to follow the tunnel, that you have to crouch to get through, eventually it opens out into a crystal cavern with a purple glow. At the back part of the cavern, by the pool, is a pile of rubble and a creature crouched over it with 4 jointed spindly legs, covered in wiry hair with pointed ears, a boarlike snout filled with fangs. Underneath a few furry balls with smaller golden eyes look out.

There are a few things that the Motley has learned about Xyleen.

1. Don’t leave the garage door closed, that is unless you want to find a new vent in the door.
2. Don’t leave food out in the house.
3. Babies are cute, even if their momma looks strange.
4. Dog food is expensive.



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