Angry Johnny

Ogre Gargantuan, resident bruiser and nervous teen


Name: Angry Johnny
Player: Ryan Thompson
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Gargantuan
Court: n/a
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Wrath

Composure 2
Dexterity 2
Intelligence 2
Manipulation 1
Presence 3
Resolve 3
Stamina 3
Strength 4
Wits 2

Academics 1
Animal Ken 2
Athletics 2 (Carry, Lifting +2, Throw)
Crafts 1
Empathy 1
Intimidation 3 (Glare)
Investigation 1
Medicine 1
Stealth 1
Survival 2
Streetwise 1
Weaponry 3 (Club)

Merits: Giant, Iron Stamina 2, Strong Back

Health 9
Willpower 5
Glamour 10
Wyrd 2
Clarity 6
Defense 2
Initiative 4
Speed 12

Weaponry: Bone knuckle dusters +1B, Bone club +2

1 pair Pants (jeans & Carharts)
2 tee shirts (1 black, 1 brown w/graphic mountain image)
1 Carhart jacket
1 pair heavy duty steel toed boots
1 winter cap
1 pair work gloves
1 sleeping bag
1 duffle bag
1 Tracfone

Contracts: Elements 2, Stone 4

Height: 7’2"
Weight: 325 lbs
Eyes: Icy blue
Hair: Brown, often messy, almost always tied back or in a rough braid
Appearance: Incredibly tall, terribly broad, he’s a walking mountain of a mountain man. Only 16 years of age, he looks older by several years by virtue of his size and hard years spent in Faerie. His youth comes through in his eyes, as does his conflicting emotional state; he’s constantly battling his rage. He has an unkempt beard that borders on wild.

In his Mein, he is a wild savage, every bit the Ogre monster. He looks much like a Neanderthal, with a ridged brow and a pronounced underbite, a mouth full of thick, crooked, almost-pointed teeth. He looks decidedly predatory, a hunter gatherer king. The youthful eyes from his Mask give way to sharp, watchful eyes the color of frigid, unforgiving ice-battered mountaintops. His beard is thicker, befitting of the savage warrior he’s proven himself to be.

The fiercest “gift” from his Faerie captors are the scars that dominate his Mein. Thick and horrible, they bear a ritualistic intent, as much resulting from years of cruel torture as some strange intent. When Angry Johnny is in a calmer state, they are simply a darker tone than the rest of his complexion, as scars tend to be. As he grows angrier, however, they grow a darker, baleful crimson. It serves as a blatant warning for those around him, should they know what the crimson lines portend.

Pledgemates & Friends
Yukii: (Seeming/Kith), pledgemate
Chime: Fairest Dancer, pledgemate
Hamilton: (Seeming/Kith), pledgemate
Tenebrus: Wizend Soldier, pledgemate
Greygore: Ogre Gristlegrinder, pledgemate
Pam: Mortal, special friend


Johnny Clerque was always a bigger kid. At 13, he was as big as any grown man, and the problem only got bigger as he got older. He was singled out for it by other children, and they’d swarm him, torment him when they could. His parents didn’t know how to deal with the trials that Johnny was going through, had half expected him to be a bully by virtue of his size, not bullied because of it. His father and mother weren’t much over 5 feet tall themselves, they, themselves, felt intimidated by their own child’s massive size. He felt like a stranger at home, and a target everywhere else. He came to despise his size, hate his body. He stooped, hunched, desperate to withdraw into himself, to avoid the inevitable stares. Dark years followed, alone and angry.

One day, after school, Johnny found himself surrounded by classmates. They taunted him, shouted, berated him. Johnny bottled up his anger and waited for it to pass. This day was different, and one of the boys threw a rock, striking Johnny above his eye. Johnny couldn’t tamp down his rage any longer, and he saw red. When he came to, he was standing over two of his tormentors, both savagely beaten, bloody and unconscious. Tears streaming down his face, Johnny ran. He crashed through a few rotting fence boards, and into the Hedge.

His Keeper had pulled the boy into Faerie when he was 16. There, he set Johnny to Sisyphean tasks, using one boulder to smash another over and over. There was unrivaled violence, too, as Johnny was in a land of giants, he the smallest by far. He was constantly hounded and hunted, once again for his size, but this time for being so very small. These giants were 20, 30, 40 feet tall, possessed of great strength and greater cruelty. When they caught Johnny, they never killed, but took great delight in torturing him and setting him free, ready to do it again.

Years passed in Faerie, and Johnny grew to be just as harsh as the land around him, and the giants it was home to.Their torments jarred the childhood memories loose, which gave him enough to hold onto, and enough reason to return. Painful flashes of fearful parents and cruel children, small people all of them, ran through his mind and he thundered through the hedge. The Thorns bit and ripped and tore at him, but he pushed through, escaping into some strange place called Springfield. Surely years had passed? No, a mere few weeks.

Angry Johnny

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