The Springfrield Treehouse

The Exterminators

Session 8

Greygore and company track the Beshilu back to the farmhouse where they had found the little girl home alone previously. The farmer is in the field but as the group approaches him Greygore rushes past to the barn. The farmer calls him back but Greygore curtly dimisses him. The farmer runs back to the house while Yukii tries to plead with him. He emerges moments later with a shotgun and goes into the barn to confront Greygore and Attia. Attia quickly backs out of the barn but as the farmer gets in his face Greygore tries to back him down. Finally Greygore leaves not making any ground.
The group goes back to the van to recuperate a little bit. Greygore heads to the bar as Hamilton and Attia go to talk to the sheriff to gain permission to enter the farmer’s barn. While in the bar Greygore is refused service and storms out threatening to burn the bar. Meanwhile the sheriff’s office gets a call regarding the trespassing and the bar assault. He informs the motley that they are no longer welcome and there is a warrant for Greygore.
The others go to find Greygore munching on the local foliage and waiting for the next rat spirit thing to come along. They formulate a plan to at least investigate the farmhouse. Yukii discovers the farmer waiting with a view of the barn. She recruits Greygore and Hamilton to make a distraction and draw him out while Attia remains at the stakeout “waiting in case they come back.
Greygore ambushes the farmer as he comes out. A fight ensues, the farmers family reveal themselves to be Beshilu. Yukii, barricades the basement door keeping the other Beshilu from getting out. Eventually after a hard fight, and Yukii narrowly missing Greygore with the farmer’s shotgun, they subdue the family, run the gas in the house and explode it with Hamilton’s Molotov cocktail.
Wanting to finish the job they go to take out the barn, but one more ratman grabs and bites Hamilton as he attempts to light the loft on fire. He feels his stamina leave him and is left helpless on the ground. A last desperate fight occurs as the haggard Greygore locks with the Beshilu bruiser. He emerges victorious and picks Hamilton up and leaves as Yukii sends the barn up in flame.
The group goes back to the stakeout to collect Attia who had a run in with some Beshilu friendly bears. The group blows the clambake and reports back to Runs with Dingoes. Having finally sealed a pact between the Werewolves and the Changelings for access to the trod the group heads home to tend their wounds.


Palantier Palantier

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