The Springfrield Treehouse

Success, and failure

Session 5

Our heroes return to Springfield and their delightful wreck of a home. After reporting in to Cynthia about the goings on with the werewolves, they retire to their abode. Soon Greygore is fixing up the roof while the others gather supplies and create a floorplan for the house. Atiya and Greygore, followed by Yukki go to the server building for the local internet company. Unfortunately, they’re far too feeble to get themselves inside. However, Yukki and Greygore do manage to find the residence of one of the receptionists the next day. Yukki rediscovers her powers of stealth and breaks into the house, stealing enough credentials to get both of them into the Bombastic server headquarters. Once inside, they are both at a loss; planning is not their strong suit. Ineptly breaking the computers and cutting the power to the building, they manage to escape seemingly unnoticed. Meanwhile back at the ranch, an intruder is discovered living in a tunnel beneath the house. Tenebrous, Hamilton and Atiya find some strange creatures living in a wondrous cave connected to the tunnel in basement. It is decided by a slim majority that the group will support these creatures, and Greygore grudgingly agrees not to eat them for now.


Palantier Palantier

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