The Springfrield Treehouse

Haunted Boxes and Present Friends Past

The Motley having arrived in Vancouver to find the Freehold mysteriously desolate awaits new orders from Deezle. In the meantime Dominic tries to find his friend Needle, who lives locally and is a member of the freehold. They find Needle’s girlfriend. She hasn’t seen him for a few weeks and is pissed off that he hasn’t contacted her. Eventually Deezle directs them to continue on with the mysterious box to the H.R.Macmillan Space Center to deliver the package to a group of changelings. The motley succeeds in this task, but along the way some mysterious humanoids trail them through the hedge. Using Darkness contracts they are able to avoid them.

The delivery is made successfully. While exploring the space center they find a photo of Tenebrous’ friend Calvin Johnson dated back to the 70s. He appears the same as he does today. Suspicious Yukii Morris called Deezle to let him know about the unusual find.


Palantier Palantier

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