The Springfrield Treehouse

Out of the cooking pot and into the woods.

Session 3

The fledgling motley has recieved a diplomatic mission from the summer regent Cynthia Sunblast. They are to approach a group of werewolves that are established near the township of Marville (who would've thought they really do exist?) and establish a working relationship with them in order to gain access to an area that they consider sacred which also happens to contain a trod.

 As they go out and try to get a feel for the area the motley discovers that there have been a series of attacks around the local farmland attributed to wolves. Deputy Simon seems a little suspicious at first but is open to help dealing with the attacks. He gives them information about the local happenings and adresses of the attacks. The local farmers are largely open to the outsiders and seem to accept there somewhat thin pretense of wolfhunters/investigators.

[[Angry_Johnny, Kristen's character and another? discovered a pair of purported wolf hunters by the name of Mark and Marta Jones as they had dinner at the local bar.. Suspecting they know something Angry Johnny Cleric grills the about everything they know. Impressed with his strength of character and sturdy size they spill the beans, and even advise that they get some silver if they want an easier fight.

Some discussion occurs about whether to take care of the wolf hunters as a sign of good faith. In the meantime [[Angry_Johnny discovers a supernatural patron at the bar. After chatting for awhile the man named Joe takes his leave of the bar. [[Angry_Johnny follows and after a brief verbal confrontation after being caught following the man named Bob, he finally concedes and leaves Bob to travel off on his own.


Palantier Palantier

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