The Springfrield Treehouse

Day 1 outside the Hedge (You think!)

Session 1

A battered group of not quite humans wanders out of time and space and into a non-descript but extremely hot desert. There had been more of them; there were memories of skirmishes and harsh environments. The faces and places gradually fade as the years roll on.

It seemed like they had been in the desert for days with nothing to mark the passing but more dunes when suddenly before them an oasis and a rock outcropping appeared.There was some indecision about which way to go but as the group approached the oasis there was a manor with someone living in it. The group thought better of approaching at daylight and headed for the outcropping until nightfall. As they gradually entered they found themselves in a forest. An abundance of water, fresh trees to eat and the occasional fish occupied the group’s time for most of the evening.

During one of the watches Greygore heard what may have been animal but after investigating they were unable to find anything out of the ordinary.

In the morning the group finds themselves at a familiar (or unfamiliar) feature. A road. With american highway signage. Not wanting to believe what they see but unable to resist the possibility the group travels down the road to see what this land would offer. Eventually they come to what appears to be a derelict windmill. Inside they find a sleeping stag/human woman named Selena. She brings them up to speed on what’s going on – the escape from the hedge, the world as it is, what it means to be a Changeling. All of this is elaborated on at a tavern called Jimmy’s.

With the newly emerged Changelings still reeling from their journey and reorientation, Selena gives them the task of heading towards the city – just outside of Springfield, Massachusetts – to find items of personal value that could be given up for the right price…


Notes: Edited text for spelling, some grammar, filled in a couple names.

Should finish the post, and check your tenses. Maybe we could have nominate a player each session to write the post, so it doesn’t always fall on one person’s shoulders? I’m happy to do it this week, or all weeks, or whatever.

Palantier Palantier

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